St. Bernardin Resort
    Grand hotel Bernardin
    Obala 2 Sl-6320 Portoroz, Slovenia
    The Congress Centre Bernardin, the Congress Centre in Slovenia, houses 19 multi-purpose halls, offices, rooms for project work, exhibition spaces and spaces for promotional activities, registration terminals, storage facilities and external "Green Halls" for the implementation of a wide range of events. 


    Blue, white and green are the colors that cross your mind, when thinking about Portorož and Piran. Blue is the color of the sea that embraces our peninsula, a part of the Slovenian Istria, chilling us in summer and warming us in winter. White is the color of the salt that comes from the sea, and already centuries ago brought wealth and growth to the town of Piran. And green is the color of the Mediterranean vegetation that boasts various pine trees, olive groves, vines and aromatic spices, which complement the region with gorgeous fragrances and exquisite flavors. 

    Portorož has been renowned as an exclusive health resort since the 13th century and is today considered to be one of the finest tourist resorts, boasting numerous hotels, a tourist port, an airport, different casinos, various congress and wellness centres, an excellent culinary tradition and many possibilities for active tourism. A couple kilometres away you can visit the unique Sečovlje salina nature park, where salt is still produced in a traditional, hand-made way. And just two kilometres from Portorož is the stunning Piran, a typical medieval town with narrow streets and compact houses. The salt pans, the mild climate, the commerce on the sea and on land, have stimulated the growth of Piran and the building of the beautiful Venetian palaces, squares and numerous churches. Piran is beyond doubt a town of culture, which would satisfy your curiosity and impress you with its numerous museums and galleries, lovely shops, a fruit and vegetables market or the fair of antiques at the renovated Tartini Square. The medieval town, embraced by the majestic medieval town walls, is the birthplace of the famous violinist and composer Giuseppe Tartini. The whole town is one big monument that just has to be visited. Many people call Piran “A pocket-sized Venice”, beacuse its architecture was heavily influenced by the Venetians. The delights of Piran and Portorož are enhanced by their surroundings that reveal lovely old villages, such as Sveti Peter, Krkavče, Koštabona and Nova vas. 

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