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    Slovenia lies in the heart of Europe, and is easily accessible from all parts of the continent by various means of transport.
    • Travel by Air
    Ljubljana has an international airport Brnik, located 23 km northwest of the capital Ljubljana and 145 km from Portorož. Other convenient airports are Trieste-Ronchi (Italy), 75 km west of Portorož, Venice international airport (Italy), 185 km form Portorož, Klagenfurt (Austria), 205 km from Portorož, Zagreb airport (Croatia), 300 km from Portorož.

    Direct flights to Ljubljana are available from: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Belgrade, Birmingham, Brussels, Budapest, Copenhagen, Dublin, Frankfurt, Istanbul, London, Manchester, Moscow, Munich, Ohrid, Paris, Podgorica, Prague, Pristina, Rome, Sarajevo, Skopje, Tirana, Vienna, Warsaw, Zurich, and there are a lot more connecting flights.

    Direct or good connected flights to Trieste (Ronchi) from: Toronto, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, London, Munich, Frankfurt, Torino, Milano, Genova, Rome, Tirana, Belgrade, Amsterdam, Athens, Berlin, Mumbai, Istanbul, Kiev, Madrid, Paris, Prague, Dubai.

    Direct or good connecting flights to Venice (Marco Polo) from: Antalya, Barcelona, Bari, Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, Bucarest, Casablanca, Catania, Dubai, Dublin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Malta, Monaco, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Tunis.

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    • Travel by Road
    All major European motorways passing through Trieste (Italy), Klagenfurt and Graz (Austria) etc. are connected with Ljubljana and Portorož. Drive from Ljubljana or Trieste to Koper and then continue along the coast for Portorož. The Bernardin Convention Centre is located on the coast halfway between Portorož and the historic town of Piran. 

    For more help please visit www.viamichelin.com to find your preferred road connection.

    Listed below are the distances from Portorož to some nearby cities:

    • Trieste (Italy) - 32 km 
    • Venice (Italy) - 198 km 
    • Klagenfurt (Austria) - 195 km 
    • Vienna (Austria) - 502 km 
    • Munich (Germany) - 517 km 
    • Budapest (Hungary) - 570 km 
    • Zagreb (Croatia) – 253 km 
    • Travel by Train
    Portorož may be reached by train from all major European cities through Slovenia’s bordering countries (Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia) going mainly via Ljubljana to Koper. You can find the appropriate train connection at www.bahn.de

    For more information see the following web page: https://www.slo-zeleznice.si.